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Care to know more about our plumbing services in Asheville, NC? Acquire the information you need from this page. It contains details about our company policies, methods of work, and options. At Daniel Hill Plumbing and Gas, we would be happy to lend you a hand and make things easier for you during your pending installation or repair project. Stop wasting time and call us now.

Water Heater Installation

We Offer:


Plumbing Installation

Installing a plumbing system isn’t easy and even the slightest mistake can lead to leaks, water ponding, proneness for blockages, and other issues. Leave the job to us and have the peace of mind that your pipes, features, and fixtures are set in and placed by seasoned and competent professionals.

Plumbing Repairs

At Daniel Hill Plumbing and Gas, we can repair your problematic pipes and plumbing features. We can unclog pipes, replace damaged seals, stop running toilets, and more. We use modern remediation techniques to provide our clients with long-term solutions for their problems.

Water Heater Installation

Have us mount your boiler. We can set up water heaters of all sizes and models without any snags and setbacks. We will also test the appliance to make sure it is working correctly. Our installation rates are reasonable and pocket-friendly.

Water Heater Repairs

Use our repair services in Asheville, NC to fix your old and malfunctioning water heater. We will rapidly find the source of your troubles and correct it so that you can once more enjoy hot showers and wash your dishes with warm water.

Bathtub and Kitchen Faucet Repairs

Contact us if your bathtub is clogged or leaking. We remove the blockage and seal the holes in order to restore the integrity of your tube. We can also remedy dripping kitchen faucets. We will either replace the damaged parts or set up an entirely new mechanism.

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